Racing Motocross with your Wolfsnout®  Motocross Dust Mask
Motocross racing can get very dusty , not to mention a mouth full of
roost can easily set you back a few places.  Holding your breath  coming
out of the turns  can also put you behind. With the Wolfsnout®
motocross dust mask you can get in close and patiently wait for the
opportunity to take the lead. The Wolfsnouts won't restrict your
breathing  so you can gain endurance and position.  Let the other guy
eat your dirt while you breathe easy and take the win. These dust masks
are great for motocross, atv, utv,and all other offroad sports because
they truly do work perfect with a helmet and goggles.  Breathe
Better--Race Harder. The Wolfsnout® dust masks. Perfect for just riding
as well. All riders should have one.