WARNING This product should not be used for protection against any hazardous dust or
particles,asthma attacks,lead removal, asbestos removal, painting or any other activity requiring
government approval. Using this product for protection from harmful particals or vapors could result in
serious injury or death.
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Made in the USA.
High quality polycarbonate permanent anti-fog,
anti-scratch,  inside and out.
Lenses meet or exceed ANSI787,1-2003 & CE EN166
high velocity impact safety standards. UV400.  These
goggles offer eye, cheek, and nose protection while
keeping debris out.  They work perfect with or without
our mask to make your work day more positive.

Micro fleece face seal for all day comfort.
Cutting/Mowing Dust Goggles.
For extreme dust
Wolfsnout® Grass cutting, trimming and blowing mask
Wolfsnout® is the mask for landscaping , grass cutting, trimming, edging and blowing. Spread your hay breathe all day.
Goggles fit over most prescription eye glasses.
Get the set
and save!
The Wolfsnout® mask fits under your nose and over your mouth. So your nose and mouth are not confined in the same compartment.  This unique design combined with our depth
loading filter foam, allows for a super easy breathing feeling.  It does not trap hot C02 like the paper throwaways.  Your exhaled air whisks easily away.  Perfect for breathing at a
fast paced breath.  Spring through Fall, the light weight design can’t be beat in the Summer heat.  The super soft face seal, and nose filter provide  comfort for all day use. It will not
clog when wet from sweat, like paper masks.  Also, since it fits under your nose, it never vents under your goggles or glasses, fogging them up. Clean up is a snap, simply wash it
out with mild soap and cold water, squeeze excess water out, and let it dry over night.  Mask can be used wet. If taken care of, the Wolfsnout ® mask can last several years
(depending on use) saving you money, with comfort that can’t be beat.

The Wolfsnout@ mask was invented and is produced in the USA.  It was originally designed for ATV, UTV,  Mx and other offroad sports where breathe ability was a must.  As
the off-road community embraced this product it quickly became apparent that it was the perfect landscaping dust mask.
  • Can't be beat in the summer HEAT!
  • Your breath never stays in the mask.
  • You can breath at a fast paced breath
  • Supper soft breathable foam face seal for  
    all day comfort.
  • Will not fog eye ware.
  • Wont drag you down  like the throwaways.
  • Washable and reusable, over and over.
The perfect landscaping, lawn mowing dust mask.
Factory direct!
The slightest breeze passes easily through.
out of stock until May 20 2016
out of stock until May 20 2016
to light gray to dark gray in seconds.  
Each Quick lens set comes with one light
gray and one dark gray.