Racing UTV'S with your Wolfsnout® Dust Mask
Racing your side by side..
S x S racing has to be one of the most dusty power sport races to date!  These power houses
kick up more dust than any quad ever did.  No matter how many times the water truck rounds
the track on a hot summer day the mud turns right to dust.  Thats why all  utv riders and
racers should have a Wolfsnout mask.
Summer is when dust is at it's worst.
The Wolfsnout masks were designed to be tolerable on a hot day.
Not to restrict ones breathing and to provide all day comfort.  The patented under nose
concept works perfect with goggles. They are a cost effective solution to an old problem.  
They are washable and reusable for a lasting value.

Phil Walker- Vegas to Reno Iron man, Baja 1000, Iron man!

Thanks for your support with your product this year. I admit I was a little cautious at the beginning of the race season using the Snout and it
was a learning curve for me with the hydration system trying to ride and drink and breath. I have over 1500 race miles and thousands of total miles
on the version you sent me and it still is going strong. A few times during racing I thought I lost it when I forgot to stick it back in, or my hydration
hose got wrapped in the clip line and it got pulled out. Usually I'd discover tens of miles later that the Snout was happily swinging in the top gear
breeze tethered only by the clip. It never broke away. Certainly a great product to have in the gear bag for dusty days, and I keep it fresh by just
throwing it in the wash with the rest of my gear. Getting passed by the trucks when I soloed Baja this year your product was key to helping me   
breathe easy, all night long.

Thanks again,
Phil Walker        
2011 Vegas to Reno Iron Man Racer Bryan Imes       

"Race Report" Quote
I came up on a large cratered hole where you drop down into and at the bottom it’s all silt. I went down into the crater and hit the
silt so hard it tidal waved over  the front of the quad and for a split second it was pitch black!  All my lights were blanketed by it.
(On a side note I do want to say that the WOLFSNOUT kept all  dust and silt out of my nose and mouth. I did get a little hot but lets   
face it…it was 116 degrees out! But for normal temp riding conditions it would be fine. When I didn't’ need the filtration I was able
to take it out  and put it back it with ease doing 70mph.  The strap with the clip on it attached to the wolfsnout kept it close by for  
easy grabbing and re installation.  Also, there were no issues when it came to my drink system when I had it on.  
A must for all types of riding.
Kudos Wolfsnout!

I found you on the RZR forum and since a lot of people said good things about your mask I thought I would give it a try.  I'm glad I did.  
They work great!   It's funny how I had never seen them before and now I see many other SxS drivers using them.  It's kind of like the first day I
had my Jeep I saw two others just like it.

Jet R.

The Wolsnout dust masks are quickly becoming very popular in the side x side community  and for good reason.
They offer superior comfort, breathe ability and are much cooler than the winter ski mask types.
They work better with a helmet and goggles
20011 Vegas to Reno Iron Man Racer Phil Walker
    "The Wolfsnout worked well. I finally figured out the technique for getting my hydration working with it. I was able to breath no problem and the
    near 100 temps made no impact on my breathing (I don't know what the temps were really hitting)"

    I just very recently purchased a WOLFSNOUT.  I had the opportunity to use it this past weekend at a race!  I live in Arizona, obviously very dusty  
    conditions, especially when racing ATVs.  I was very pleased with the results of the WOLFSNOUT.  As your ad states "breathe better, rider harder"
         is  no joke. The conditions of the area where I was racing was totally "white out" type, no clear vision at all, let alone breathe properly!!!
But with the WOLFSNOUT. I was breathing perfectly fine!!!Thank all of you at WOLFSNOUT for a great product, I can guarantee I will be          very
long time    customer!

    Jeffrey M #609 ATV 40+ B Whiplash Racing Series, Grinding Stone Racing
    Series, ETMX, ATVA
    WS. a must piece of atv gear

Hi Tim,

Just wanted to touch base with you and give you my thanks for such a great product!
While pre-running for the 2010 Baja 1000, I had a little mishap that left me feeling like I got kicked in the chest by a Mexican Mule. When I picked
the bike up off the ground, it was obvious that I had sustained some type of injury. It was difficult to catch my breath just trying to lift the 450 KTM
that I was riding. We assumed that I had probably bruised a rib and I was good enough to continue the remaining 30 or so miles. As it turns out,
I had broken 3 ribs and bruised a few others!

I firmly believe that I would not have been able to make those 30 miles back to the chase crew if I had to deal with "concrete" lung on top of my injury.
The Wolfsnout [All Sport] filtered the fine desert dust [that at times decreased visibility to only a couple of feet] clouds allowing me to breath cleanly.  
I have been riding/racing dirtbikes for 30yrs and have been happy to eliminate the heavy breathing that we all suffer from when riding in dusty dry
conditions thanks to your product. Many people have asked me"does it make you hot?", I reply with, "I didn't even know I was wearing it while riding
in the BAJA desert heat". I normally ride in the South Easern woods wher it gets hot, humid and sticky and I have no issues or discomfort  with it.
When you stop after a long run, you do notice it a little, no big deal though. I just pull it out of the way and push it back in place before starting
out again. You really do forget that you are wearing it after about 2nd gear.
value my Wolfsnout as much as my steering stabilizer and wear it on every ride, even while cutting the grass!

Vince Crean
Team DBBL 2010 Tecate Baja 1000

    HuskyRips review
    Wolfsnout dust mask!
    First you have to see it to understand it! Simple concept that really works.
    The gentlemen from Wolfsnout emailed and asked if I'd be interest in trying his product? Reason being is I put on an off-road series in New Jersey
    and during the summer months dust is a huge issue.
    Anyway he send us two Wolfsnout dust mask to try... So the first chance I got to use it was on a 95 degree day here in South Jersey with 65% humidity
    and no rain for almost two weeks.
    Eddie and I went out to work on the race course. So as the day wore on and me doing most of the following... the dust got pretty ugly and the sweat
    pouring down my face and body the dust just stuck to me like you couldn't imagine.

    Well after riding and working for 4 hours or so we went back to the truck and took a break... Eddie rode with out a mask and I rode with one, both
    faces were BLACK but my mouth and area around my nose were clean including my teeth. Eddie on the other hand had crud in is teeth and was
    blowing out black crap from is nose.

    The point being is this product really worked and you didn't even know it was on, There was no interference around the mouth and it's easy to
    breath with it on. The big plus side is none of that stuff was in my lungs.

    Cool product that really works. Check it out:

    Hey Tim,
    Those things worked unbelievably well in the Baja 1000. Unfortunately we had a few setbacks and only completed 818 miles of the race, but we did it
    in the first 24 hours. Everything went to crap from there. I away every extra Wolfsnout I took with me. I gave two to Wes McCoy(former
    HondaTeamdirector) and two of his  riders. I passed out a few more to no-name entrants and asked them all to tell someone if they used it or liked it.  
    When I get all the picks back, I will try to find one of a guy with a dirty, muddy face and one of our riders with a relatively clean smile.(    Great for
    motorcycle racing racing Baja)

    WS..  Tested to be the best Baja 1000 dust mask ever! The racers choice!
    | Posts: 352| Joined: 10/05 Posted: 10/09/09
    06:18 AM
    It's only a little warmer around your mouth when you're sitting still. it's light and thin enough that it requires no extra effort to breathe, as a matter of
    fact, once you get rolling you could forget it's there,. I now have one and used it last weekend when it was 93 degrees. I noticed another benefit with
    it, when I stopped for a minute, it kept my breathe(panting) from fogging up my goggles. I will use it in the Baja 500 and whenever I ride in dusty
    conditions. My riding buddy asked why I didn't buy two. Maybe I'll give them out as Christmas presents. :-
                                      WS.It is the best atv dust facemask available

Hey Tim.

You sent me a WolfSnout in the Spring and I wanted to let you know that i absolutly love it! When it arrived I couldn't try it out because of an injury
but i just got back on the track a few weeks ago and it was a lifesaver!  I race bmx and whoever says that those tracks don't get dusty they are definatly   
wrong. After a few laps of practice I put it in my helmet and i noticed the difference right away. I could breathe easier and I wasn't coughing anymore.
When a few other riders at the starting gate saw it, they were amazed. Most of them just use bandanas and wrap them around their face.
This product is amazing and I can't thank you enough. You have not only helped me breathe easier, But i also got 1st in my class because I didn't
have to stop for once from my sensativity to the ammount of dust.

Thank you so much!


Wolfsnout masks are great for mountain biking  BMX and all bicycling.
Re: wolf snout face mask
I have one, bought it last year when I went to Moab. It works great and saved my sinuses a lot of grief!
just a little feedback. The wolfsnout atv dust mask i bought a month ago is 100% better than the one i bought a year ago. The foam that contacts the  
face and nose being larger and softer is an improvement, to say the least.i used your returning customer offer a month or so ago and advised a friend.
i      used your offer again to purchase him one.
                                                                        WS.The best dust face mask for Endurance Motorcycle racing.

    Hey Tim just giving you a update on the best in the desert “Silver State 300” race in Nevada this weekend , we ran two quads in the ATV expert class
    quad #411 (the one I was one ) blew an engine at race mile 79 so I never got on the bike so I handed my wolf snout to team 2 and they FREAKING
    loved it , team 2 quad #444 finished  with a 2nd place atv expert and threw  wolf snout shout out at the podium on the BITD live webcast at the finish
    line , thanks again , BTW we will be racing the 2010 Baja 500 in June and would like to order some more wolf snouts for the race and would also like
    to get your LOGO and you permission to put it on our Team Baja shirts and a link on our team website,  Thanks again

    Joe Ramos
    ATV Expert BITD #411                          Joe Ramos races atv expert with the wolfsnout dirt mask
    Score #52A
    Yes, I received the new snout on Friday. Thank you very much.I did ride with it on Sunday, and, actually, I thought that it DID fit under the helmet a bit
    better. There was not as much “bunching” or squishing of the snout; it was easier to get into the proper position, and I did not find
    it performing any differently than the others that you had sent. Let me tell you this, I am a fan of the snout. Two weeks ago, I wore it for the first time
    in a race.    The way we start the races out here is that all of the “Pros” and “A” riders get up on the starting line, with a dead engine. The promoting
    club raises their banner, and when they drop it, we start our bikes and start the race. Then the “B” riders move up, and when the dust clears, the
    club raises the banner again, and when it drops, the B riders are out on the course. Then they do the same thing for the C class.
    I ride in the first wave, and when the banner dropped, I could not get my bike started! Kick! Kick! KICK! Nothing. By then, the first wave was gone,
    and the B riders were moving up. I am kicking frantically, because whenever I can get the dang thing lit, I am free to go. Kick! Kick!!
    Just before they raised the flag for the B wave, I got my bike started, and took off. At a HUGE disadvantage, of course. About 3 miles in, I started
    catching up with those who got off on the banner drop, and I cannot tell you how confident that the dust mask made me feel. As dusty as it was, I
    knew that I was getting a full lung-full of clean air with each breath, and that let me be a bit more patient that I would normally be. Wait for them to
    make a mistake, be in the proper position to capitalize when they did, and move forward through the pack. After 56 miles, I came into the pits, and
    stopped for gas. I wanted to complain about what a terrible start I got, and my club members were saying “who cares? You have moved up into the
    top 10!”With that, I took off for my second lap. Unfortunately, I hit a big rock coming out of the first checkpoint in the second lap, and went over the
    bars. I got up; straightened out the front end (handlebars got a little sideways) and got back on the trail. As it turns out, I broke a rib in that crash, but
    I was able to hold my position. From that point forward, I did not catch anybody else, nor did anybody catch me.I finished up 7th overall. Not bad
    considering the horrible start, and the wreck. You can see my results here:
    Thank you very much for letting me use the Wolf Snout! I fully believe that it is giving me a competitive edge while it also is simply making the riding
    experience more enjoyable.
    Brandon Whallon

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