Washable and Reusable.   With a  super Soft Moisture Wicking Face Seal
Are you sick of breathing grass and dirt while you work?
Can't stand the paper masks that get wet, clog and fog your glasses?
One Wolfsnout® mask can replace hundreds of the  throwaways
we all hate so much and offers great comfort from spring through fall.  
Finally everything you would not expect from a dust mask.
The  patented under nose filter foam system seperates your nose and
mouth for  a superior free breating feeling.  
The Wolfsnout® dust mask was originally designed for and is #1 for
off road riding.  The requirements for these rigorous sports such as atv,  
utv and mx , demanded many  attributes  not found in other masks.  
Turns out these requirements are the perfect match for lawn maintenance.  
Comfort, ease of breathing and light enough to use through the hot work
days  of summer, are only some of what puts Wolfsnout®in a class of its own.
                                              770 598 2994
                                   Available in 8 colors.  Retail $24.95
Will not protect against
harmful vapors or particles
Not OSHA  aproved.
Made in the USA