The Wolfsnout® is the best atv utv military dust mask.
Just ask the 3rd of the 159th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion (Quickstrike), part of the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade

They inquired about getting Wolfsnouts for their battalion to combat the dust from the copters and the severe dust storms in Kuwait.
They tested them and liked them so much, they then proceeded with the paper work to purchase dust masks for the battalion. With
the wars winding down and the looming cuts, we were told it would take 6-12 months to get approval.
We began to donate them
a little at a time every few weeks. There are thousands of military personnel still in Kuwait, who will need these come January
-February when the dust storms start up again. We would like to get them to as many soldiers as we can, so if you would like to
help please  Purchase here for our soldiers, well below the wholesale price.
Each one you purchase will be sent in your name, unless you ask to be anonymous. We will provide you with the tracking number,
so you will know when the package arrives.  If you have a particular soldier you would like to send one to, simply place the address
in shipping info, and we will send it to them.(APO / FPO ONLY)  Wolfsnout llc will be donating 100's of our dust masks over the next
few months, please join us in this effort.
Quote: "This is what our crewchiefs have to deal with on a daily basis, and this is a GOOD day!"

Free shipping to APO/FPO
for personal orders.
Made For The USA In The USA
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