The Pro Race Requires A full face
Helmet to function and can be removed and replaced with your helmet on.  The front of your
helmet should be no closer than 2.75" from your face for proper fit.  If your helmet fits more
closely get the All Sport. It will function the same way as the Pro or you can use the strap.
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The Wolfsnout® Pro Race Series is now the Pro Sport!
WARNING This product should not be used for protection against any
hazardous dust or particles,asthma attacks,lead removal, asbestos
removal, painting or any other activity requiring government approval.
Using this product for protection from harmful partials or vapors could result
in serious injury or death.

The strap should be placed high on the crown of your head.
This way everything moves together and it will not pull on the back of your neck
causing discomfort, and loss of mask seal.
Stays in place better,  NOT using the top of your nose to hold it up.
The All Sport works
great with any type
helmet and goggles,
or no helmet at all.  
Only $4.99
Factory Direct
All Sport
$24.95 +SH
first class
New!  Pro Sport
Full Face Helmet Filter
Easy goggle strap set up.